Job Posting Company in India

Traditional job postings were often posted in the newspapers. Today, job ads usually are published online. Companies use recruiting software, like an ATS, Talent Acquisition Platform (JobBoards), to create and circulate job postings. The utilization of recruiting software secures centralized job distribution across online properties, like the company’s career site, social media platforms, and external job boards.

Internal Job Postings: Posting is for existing employees by giving existing employees the first crack at the new position, also known as in-house recruitment.

External Job Postings: External job postings are circulated among the job-seeking public from the get-go like on various job portals or LinkedIn etc. specifying skills, industry, locations. 

Job posting services

What do Davzon include in a Job Posting? 

We well-craft job posting to attract the highest volume of qualified and skilled applicants. We make sure that job postings are clearly describing the available position and detail the requirements.

  • Job summary, location, expectations, company and its work culture

  • Required years of work experience

  • Minimum education requirements 

  • Skills Required

  • Required Documents, etc. 

A creative job title and relevant keywords, Clear and detailed job description help in attracting the right candidates for the position.

We help recruitment companies save their time posting their jobs on different sites.

  • Job Posting on Job Portals 
  • Job Posting on LinkedIn
  • Job Posting on social media platforms
  • Job Posting on company websites (career page)
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