IOT Security Lock

Smart locks leverage IoT-enabled sensors to perform keyless access gadgets that permit customers to get the right of entry to doorways remotely via smartphones or different net-linked gadgets. IoT technology is today’s popular adoption, which has advanced itself to be smarter and more connected to the world.

Smart locks allow users to unlock their door without a key from anywhere and distribute virtual keys to visitors.

There are two types of locks available. One type of lock provides additional functionality to current locking mechanisms is installed to the door lock already in place, and the other type of lock completely replaces the locking mechanism on the door. However, smart locks sometimes also allow a physical key to helping as a backup in case of an internet outage.

Iot-Smart-Lock development company

How do Smart Locks Works?

We build Smart locks that offer additional functionality through integrating with other IoT devices, smart home management systems, or smart assistants. These functions involve automating processes, like turning on your AC, lights, and adjusting your thermostat when the door is unlocked or allowing access to a family member when you are not there at home or triggering the security system to record and send a video when outsider unlocks the door.

Key Benefits of IoT-Enabled Smart Locks

  • You can check the door’s status anytime remotely, securing that it is locked no matter how far you are from home.
  • Give and deny remote access to visitors, allowing service providers to access the door only at particular times or to give unrestricted access to trusted family members or friends.
  • Get notifications whenever the door is opened – enabling users to be immediately alerted in the event of unexpected access
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