Google Ads (PPC)

Google AdWords is a product or services promotion advertising service by Google for organizations that need to display ads on Google and its advertising network. The AdWords program helps organizations to set a budget for advertising and only pay when visitors click the ads. The ad service is highly focused on keywords.

Google AdWords is an advertising service created by Google, where advertisers can run their ads and try to reach ready to buy customers. Google AdWords has a different type of ads, such as Display ads, Video ads, Search ads, and App ads to advertise your product or services by using different targeting available by google adverts. The central aspect of Google AdWords is to target the keywords.

For Example, with display ads, you can target different websites, interests, remarketing audiences; you can also run ads on different apps, Gmail, etc.

Google paid promotion

For video ads, you can run them as pre-roll ads that run before the video or mid-roll ads that run during the videos. So your video ads can run all over the place.

Search Ads appear on the Google search network, so the most significant part of the search network is the actual google search engine. They also have many different partners where people search for products and services where google search Ads come up and target the keywords.

App Ads you can run anywhere across google network on search, on display. You can also run an App ad on other Apps.

Thus Google Ad campaigns are a great source to generate brand awareness and to generate leads to your organization. 

How does Google Ad – PPC benefit your business:

  • Advertise Directly to People Searching for a product or business Like You
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Pay Only When People Click
  • Reach the Right People at the Right Time
  • Measurable ROI
  • Advertise Locally or Globally
  • Brand Exposure
  • Immediate Impact
  • Limit Your Spend
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