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Do you know more than 60% of people purchase products from Facebook Ads. With the growing popularity of Facebook, the need to have a Facebook page for your brand and business is a must. David Solution’s Facebook marketing experts provide the right combination of plans and tactics to increase your sale or Likes to your fan page. Facebook ads are a form of paid promotion that is charged by impressions, clicks, or auctions. Facebook offers many types of ad formats, like carousel, video, image, slideshow, collection, post engagement, lead generation ads, page likes, etc. We are

Facebook paid promotion

masters at creating compelling, high impact Facebook PPC campaigns that achieve your targeted prospective customers by location, gender, age, and interest. Our primary goal of doing Facebook advertising campaigns is to attract maximum clients and increase Likes and make your brand viral. We ensure that the posts go live at the time of peak engagement on social channels.

By using Facebook Ads, you can generate specific campaigns for your goal:

  1. Brand Awareness – To reach the same interest people for your brand, ultimately increasing brand awareness.
  2. Traffic – To boost traffic on the website, app, or Facebook page 
  3. Reach – To reach the maximum number of people
  4. Engagement – to increase engagement on posts, events, or offers, etc.
  5. Video Views – To increase the view count of your video 
  6. App Installs – To increase app installation
  7. Messages – to begin a conversation with prospects by increasing messages on Facebook 
  8. Conversion – Reach people who are more likely to convert as a sale on website or app
  9. Lead Generation – To generate leads from lead capture forms
  10. Store Visits – To reach maximum people near your targeted location and get more store visit
  11. Catalog Sales – To use particular ads that show items from catalogs to a target audience
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