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Telephonic and email screening is a time-saving process in recruitment. Telephonic screening helps you to narrow down the candidate pool and learn more about the candidates before face to face interview is being conducted. This also helps in knowing employee work conditions, salary, availability to join a new job, etc.

Why choose Davzon:

In recruitment, the processing time is the key as you have to fulfill the job requirements as soon as possible. We can save your time in the hiring process by screening and narrowing down the candidates as per the requirement and skill set before face to face interviews. We make sure you don’t miss out any suitable candidates because you don’t have time to interview everyone.

Email & Phone Screening

Our process of Email and Phone Screening:

Davzon’s Recruiters does the Sourcing of candidates from various Job Boards & Social Networking Sites. After sourcing we screen the candidates on behalf of client company.

Before sending emails or starting telephone screening, our recruiters prepare screening questions like technical questions (experience level, skills), salary/ rate expectation, nationality, work authorization status, notice period, etc. Provide detail information regarding the requirement and the client.

The Screening/ Qualifying/ Initial Interest Check of the candidates is done by sending an email, text messages, and phone call. Until & unless we hear back from the candidates whether they are interested/ not interested in the position, our Recruiters keep following up with them.

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