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Cloud Data Migration - Microsoft Azur



A rapidly growing Urban Real Estate Firm company managing a diverse portfolio of large-scale property projects on on-premise property management system, recognized the need for a modern and efficient technology infrastructure.


Data Fragmentation: data across various locations made it challenging to obtain real-time insights and coordinate property management activities.

Limited Collaboration: existing on-premises system hindered effective collaboration resulting in delay and effective communication.

Scalability Concerns: limitations in handling increased data volume and managing a growing number of properties.

Security Concerns: Risk of the data servers being damaged in the event of fires, floods, or break-ins.


Davzon advised and helped migrate the company’s on-premises data to Microsoft Azure’s secure and scalable Cloud infrastructure. The migration was done efficiently using the best data migration tools and systems. All data, systems, devices, networks were then secured using internationally recommended standards and security frameworks (SOC 2, ISO, NIST CSF, HIPAA, PCI DSS etc.)


Centralized Data Access: Centralized platform for property data enabled real-time access and updates.

Improved Collaboration: Enhanced collaboration features allowed better coordination among teams & stakeholders.

Scalability: Seamlessly expand its property portfolio without concerns about system performance or data limitations.

Cost-Efficiency: Cloud-based eliminated the need for on-premise servers.

Flexibility: Working from home was made secure and easy.

Security: Provide 24/7 cybersecurity, all the while eliminating the risk of physical damage to the servers.

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