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Non IT - RPO - Success Stories


UK' s Largest Food Production Company

Our recruitment team successfully placed a seasoned Food and Beverage Director, along with skilled supervisors and testers, at the UK' s biggest food production company. Their contributions streamlined production processes, ensured quality control, and enhanced overall efficiency, leading to a 20% increase in productivity within the first quarter.

Positions: Food and Beverage Director, Supervisors, Testers, Ingredient Expert, Food Inspector and many more.

USA' s Top 5 Firms in AI, IoT, RPA

We sourced an exceptional Sales/Business Developer Director for one of the USA' s leading firms specializing in AI, IoT, and RPA. This strategic hire led to a 30% growth in client acquisition and expanded market reach within six months, significantly boosting the firm ' s competitive edge and revenue.

Positions: Sales/Business Developer Director, Accounts Manager, Cloud IoT Manager, Sales Manager etc.


South African Telecom Company

Our recruitment services placed a team of experts, including a telecom operator, specialists in satellite communications, security assurance, and telecom technicians, at a top telecom company in South Africa. Their expertise fortified the company’s network reliability and security, resulting in a 25% improvement in service uptime and customer satisfaction.

Positions: Telecom Operator, Satellite Communications Division, Security Assurance, Telecom Technician etc.

Healthcare Providers in UAE and UK

We successfully placed dedicated nurses, health trainers, and doctors at a renowned healthcare provider operating in both the UAE and the UK. This comprehensive team enhanced patient care standards and improved health outcomes, contributing to a 15% rise in patient satisfaction ratings and a 10% increase in clinic efficiency.

Positions:Nurse, Staff Nurse, Health Trainer, Doctors, ward boy etc.

UAE Construction Client

Our recruitment services filled critical roles including architect, construction manager, civil engineer, estimator, project manager, and quantity surveyor for a major client in the UAE. These strategic hires were pivotal in the timely and cost-effective completion of several high-profile projects, resulting in a 20% reduction in project costs and a 15% acceleration in project timelines.

Positions: Architect, Construction Management, Civil Engineer, Estimator, Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor etc.

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