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Christian Entrepreneurs Business Listing Web Portal

Prayer Group

About Client

Our client, based in India, aimed to create a business listing website specifically for Christian entrepreneurs, facilitating community engagement and business growth.

The Role

We were tasked with building a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, fully functional, and SEO-ready website that allowed users to list their businesses and review others effectively.

The Challenge

Main concern was to build a website which should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, fully functional, SEO-ready. The whole idea behind the website was to offer customers to list their businesses and review other businesses for better.

Client specifically mentioned to have

  • Single Registration Form

  • Payment Gateway

  • Monthly Event Calendar – Upcoming Meetings, Panel Discussions, Workshops & Events

  • Meeting Venues - Address & Map

  • Options of Find a Business or List a Business

  • Photo Gallary

  • Options of Find a Business or List a Business

  • Rate & Review a Business etc.

The Solution

Using NextJS, Bootstrap, our development team created a dazzling design that was easy to use, register, review and find companies. It was a major priority to have a completely responsive website. Davzon developers build a user-friendly site ensuring that it loads quickly, easy to fill out the registration form, add services, projects and submit review without any screen barrier. Having a truly mobile-friendly experience also improves Google search engine rankings, so the website is now more visible to potential Entrepreneurs and clients.

The Results

We successfully developed a platform that met all the client's requirements, enabling users to easily list their businesses and review others, fostering better business connections within the Christian entrepreneurial community.

Our Agile Methodology
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