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AC Repair/Cleaning Services Mobile App and Desktop App

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About Client

The Customer is a Norwegian AC Cleaning Experts. Which provides AC and Heater Cleaning, Installation, and Servicing Services for all HVAC products. 

The Goal

Their goal is to digitally connect their sales partner and service partners with those in need of AC, Heater cleaning, installing, servicing allowing convenient two-way communication

The Challenge

To run their online business smoothly, the Customer needed to develop a software solution consisting of a mobile app for cleaners, a mobile app for clients, a mobile app for sales team and a web app for admins, who monitor customers, orders, sales partner statistics, and service partner statistics.

The Solution

The Customer shared their RFP and UI mockups with Davzon and requested their professional assistance in implementing the solution. After consulting with Davzon BAs, the Customer decided to leverage React Native and Nodejs for both a web app and mobile apps. The apps for cleaners and for clients both catered to iOS and Android thanks to React Native’s cross-platform capabilities

The Results

The React Native cross-platform technology, leveraged by Davzon’s team, allowed the Customer to reduce development costs while getting powerful apps. The apps were adopted by the startup’s employees and clients in under a week and now drive the Customer’s business.

Our Agile Methodology
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